Using ffmpeg to convert flv to mpeg2.

just a quick guide on converting an flv(flash video) to an MPEG2 video,

it doesn't cover the real benefits of doing this with ffmpeg. ffmpeg is one of the most valuable tools for any designer who works with multi-media in linux. the true benefits to this guide is that with just playing with these options you can get a handle using ffmpeg to take things apart and than even glue them together.

for example chopping a bumper out of your favorite podcast, taking sound out of a video clip, and many other things. my main use of ffmpeg, but not its most useful, is to have a cron job monitor my podcasts' directory for any ogg files that don't have mp3 files and it than auto-converts them. it also rewrites my rss feeds.

now i just have to get my courage up and actually publish my podcasts... *gulp*
clipped from fosswire.com
Converting FLV to MPEG in Linux

Fortunately, we have a fantastic tool in FFMPEG. FFMPEG is a collection of free software for recording, transcoding, and streaming digital video and audio. It is a fantastic tool for Linux users who need to convert.

ffmpeg -i video.flv -ab 56 -ar 22050 -b 500 -s 320×240 test.mpg

  • -ab : Sets the audio bitrate. Without this, it’ll be set to the default of 64kbps
  • -ar : Sets the audio samplerate. Default is 44100hz
  • -b : Sets the video bitrate. Default is 2000kbps
  • -s : Sets the size. Default is 160×128px
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    Bhaaluu said...

    Have you looked into 'devede'?

    I make VCDs of my videos with:
    ffmpeg -i flashVideo.flv [options] -target ntsc-vcd videoOut.mpg

    VCDs are used in Asia a lot, less so here, but are really cheap and cool for distributing shorts.

    Bhaaluu said...
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