confirmed: patrick norton's moved to revision3. kevin rose let the "valley wag" out of the bag. what i'd like to see though. &my 'new media' rant.

kevin rose owes tom merrit &roger chang a big *i'm so sorry*

on the last diggnation kevin rose told the world that patrick norton would in fact be working for revision3.

here's what happened:

they were covering the obvious digg posting about patrick norton leaving dl.tv. than they begin talking about what he might be doing.

*this is from my ditzy lil blonde brain* so its a rough quote:
  • alex says he might be doing something in online video/iptv.
  • kevin than says that he may be do something around technology.
  • alex then say "maybe something with people he use to work with."
  • and here's when kevin takes east-meets-west's exclusive when he turns to alex and asks: "huh, you haven't worked with him before have you?"
  • alex than tries to cover over things by acting like "huh, what, who said anything about him working with me?"
oddly enough what he does goes further to confirm patrick norton's move to revision3 than to defuse what kevin rose said

so there you have it, its not just valley wag any more, and even though we all were pretty much 100% sure that patrick norton was going to revision3. lol, i thought, with zero doubt, "well he's off to revision3. but now we know for sure.

what i'd hope in love to see,

even though it would be one of the best viral jokes in the tubes lately if after he takes a break to be with his wife he returns to ziff-davis as the official executive producer of something like their own new media branch. something that would combine dl.tv, cranky geeks, and ziff-davis' podcasts like extreme-tech and many more. this is personally what i'd love to see, and it wouldn't surprise me, especially with ziff-davis and c|net collaborating more and more. but that's just my analytical day dreaming.

regardless though, i'm still gonna listen to this weekends east-meets-west. their focus on an incredibly broad array of topics actually makes it one of my fave podcasts.

&i know i'm slow to post this,

but i've wrote this blog 3 times. its was i get for using gran paradiso, which still totally rocks! but its still in alpha development so its crashed several times as i've been writing this posting. and as firefox3 is switching to javascript 2 which is awesome, but since its not all not fully implement there's a price to using the cutting edge, like blogger's auto-save feature not working. but i find it worth it, if not abs necessary in my web dev.

than a lil further rant,

okay, so now i'm not a huge fan of kevin rose, or actually i'm ranting about online and media focus on &about kevin rose. which i don't actually blame him for but i gotta rant about it somewhere *wink* he's given so much attention over digg but he never mentions the actual artists, coders, designers, &developers. i me come on him on the cover of fortune, or was it time magazine? see that's how much i pay attention. but why aren't the coders-or at least the first coder. why doesn't kevin give them attention, respect, and credit they deserve. they should at least make the cover of fortune-or dr. dobbs maybe *wink*.

but than 'everyone' seems to hate or get mad at jason calacanis cause he stole digg when he was at netscape. yeah like whatever, i wish netscape would have really ran with his idea. its would prolly be my number news source if they had. and than of course there's that digg was just an evolution of slashdot and that pownce is at least creepily similar to tubes. if not a straight copy.

1.) east-meets-west podcast
2.) patrick norton

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Spooky said...

People hate Jason because he's an arrogant toad. If you doubt that read his blog from the period that he was doing the Digg clone for Netscape, and Kevin's responses. If you need further proof listen to all TWiT episodes with either Kevin or Jason and see which one seems like the smart, business-saavy adult and which sounds like a pouty teenager. Digg is certainly similar to slashdot, but there are significant differences in how users interact with the site and the only thing Pounce has in common with You Tube is Flash. Don't forget Revision3 is also heavily Kevin's brainchild--starting with the broken and Systm, and later Diggnation. Although you could not possibly do it ALL himself, it is my understanding that Kevin did a crapload of the coding for Digg himself. Kevin is a VERY experienced and well-educated coder who, prior to working at TechTV wrote code for a living.

And now I'm leaving because someone is wrong on the internet. (Google it.)